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Arch Ethereum Web3
Index token
The Arch Ethereum Web3 Token is comprised of governance tokens from the major decentralized protocols.
Arch Blockchains
Index token
The Arch Blockchains token tracks the performance of the native tokens (cryptocurrencies) from a selection of blockchain networks /smart contract platform.
Arch Moderate Portfolio
Exposure to cryptocurrencies and protocol tokens, balanced with an allocation to stablecoins.



Professionally-built portfolios and index-tokens to match your investment style.

A ready-made portfolio to match your risk preference

Expertly-crafted, and automatically rebalanced, these products provide the full benefits of diversification by combining index tokens and individual assets, including stablecoins, into a single token

Browse our selection of portfolios to find one that matches your investment style and risk preference
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Index tokens

Multiple crypto assets in one token

Own the market - Buy into an entire asset class, a specific sector, factor or theme in a single token.

Index tokens are fully collateralized baskets of crypto-assets from leading web3 protocols, designed to closely-track an Arch market index.
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We are objective, transparent and rules-based. Arch develops and maintains the most reliable market indices for Web3.

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Invest in the cutting edge
Gain exposure to the leading protocols shaping web3
Lower your risk by spreading money across different assets.
Save time and money
Our self-rebalancing products allow you to buy and hold, dramatically reducing the cost of managing your portfolio
Robust & secure
We leverage proven infrastructure used to power more than $80M in assets under management.

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Your questions, answered.
What is an index token?

An index token is a basket of digital assets constructed to track the performance of a market index. Indices may track an asset class, an industry sector or a multitude of factors. As the name suggests, these baskets themselves are tokens that you can keep in your wallet.

How does an Arch token keep me diversified?

Thanks to our expert-built portfolios and tokens, smart-contracts automatically rebalance your position when necessary. This way, it’s easier to stay invested and make gains over the long term.

Why should I take custody of my crypto?

With Arch you are always in control of your funds. No one, including our core-team, can stop you from keeping, trading or redeeming your tokens whenever you want, without the need for any intermediaries. This is the magic of smart contracts and self-custody.

We are in a crypto winter; why should I be investing now? 

Investing during a bear market means getting a lower price on the assets in your portfolio. The next bull market may come sooner than you think, investing today means your portfolio has a greater chance of greater returns.

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